Beginners’ List Of The Must Have Macrame Supplies

Beginners’ List Of The Must Have Macrame Supplies

All About Macrame Supplies

As an amazing art of knotting string in patterns, macrame is now a massive trend for decades and may grow even more in 2022 for sure! Are you new to this knotting technique and not getting a complete roadmap to get started? We already have a macrame blog for beginners like you who are eager to know about Macrame and all its fundamentals. It may be difficult to decide what tools you'll need and what else you'll need. 

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The purpose of this blog is to share some of our suggestions for some of the more important items that you may need to do macrame as a beginner! Once you complete this blog and finally get the items you must need, you can start creating all the beautiful macrame projects you could ever dream of. Discover what materials you will need to start your first macrame project and find recommendations!

The Most Important Macrame Supply - The Cord

Where there is no cord, there is no macrame creation! A variety of cords are available, and there are many tutorials that will advise you on which one to choose. I would suggest you choose a 3mm or 4mm 3-ply twist cord to start as this is a good fit for beginners. Click here to jump into our cord collection!

Do you have a question about the 3-ply cord? It is also known as triple twist cords (mostly made of cotton) and is composed of multiple single threads twisted in three parts. Thanks to their twisted structure, these cords are very strong and comfortable to work with. You can create very beautiful macrame knots. These cords are fun to work with and the fluffy soft material creates the most appealing knots and a fluffy fringe.

There is another type of cord you can use, which is called a single-twist cord. There are hundreds of single threads twisted into one cord on a single twist cord, also known as a one-ply cord or a single strand cord.

Looking for the best cords for your macrame crafts? You can count on us as a professional macrame rope provider for all your craft needs, providing you with a wide range of colors and thicknesses! You will find that our luxe cotton cord set is the perfect choice for all your macrame projects. You can make awesome dream catchers, macrame wall hangings, macrame feathers, easter egg decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, etc. Click here

A Sharp Scissor That is Worth Buying as a Beginner 

A sharp scissor is one of the most important tools and is worth investing in. Whenever you're working on a project, you'll need a sharp pair of scissors to cut cords efficiently. It will effectively save you time and effort as you work on the project. It's not a good idea to use your standard household scissor pair when cutting multiple cords! Especially when you're looking forward to shaping your macramé feathers flawlessly for a beautiful project, they're crucial to cutting a nice clean line.

So what’s the solution? You can use a normal craft scissor when you’re preparing your strings, but when you need to cut fringes and make items like feathers you may need the best scissors made for macrame, your scissor needs to be very sharp to get a keen edge. There's something beautiful about the macrame final that makes it stand out.

For DIY, macrame, or other handcraft projects, a scissor must be able to cut a variety of materials without getting stuck or tearing them, such as paper, duct tape, plastic cable ties, and fabric. In my macrame journey, I personally have used many types of scissors. But, I would really love to show the one that I’ve finally found the best in the whole market. The modern design of this scissor is combined with its flawless, polished edges and satisfyingly crisp action. Enjoy the fun of your project with this sharp macrame scissor. Click here to buy now!

You Will Also Need a Measuring Tape

Measuring tape is one of those important things for your macrame projects. You will always need a measured strand for your project, thus you should always make it sure with a tape measure for convenience.

You can measure out lengths of cords, and also wall space for your wall hangings. Following a tutorial will provide you with the lengths of cord you need, and nothing would be more frustrating than running out in the middle of a project. Think about the frustration you'd experience in case you finished a wall hanging that took you months to complete and it was too big or too small to hang on your wall.

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Furthermore, without securing your project, the rope is likely to get tangled, and your project may fly everywhere when the knots are pulled. My other solution when it comes to larger projects is to hang them on a hook or rack in the house. The curtain hooks on your window can be used to place your dowel and work from there if your window has curtains. So, after all, a tape is very important for your macrame project.

A Pet Brush - This Might Be the One You Wonder “Why?”

Once the project is completed, the macrame artists usually comb out the remaining rope at the end of the macrame decorative item to go for a perfect fringe look. It's up to you whether or not you go for that look, but if you do, having a special comb is a must! 

The comb needs to be sturdy and big so that it can easily brush out the cords of feathers and fringes. Despite plastic combs being OK and generally doing the job, they aren't as good as steel combs in terms of effectiveness. As an alternative, you may want to consider a pet comb to save time and untangle any tangles that may arise. Straightening macrame fringe is easier with a pet brush. When you use the pet brush, you can brush more cords at a time. 

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You still start at the bottom and work your way up. Pet brushes, however, will cause your fringe to shed more lint. You should get it right that pet brushes with wire bristles are the best for combing out fringes!

An S Hook Will Also Make Your Works Pretty Easy

You can use the macrame S hook to hang your project as you work on it! These DIY macrame hooks can hold driftwood, dowels, and rings, making them perfect for a variety of DIY macrame projects. Your home can also be made more functional by using the Macrame S-shaped hooks. In the kitchen, you can use them as pot holders, in the bathroom, you can use them as towels, or even in the closet!

Simply attach one or two hooks to your project and you have limitless ways to hang it from your door, coat hook, or whatever you want.

Are you really serious about macramé, particularly on big projects? Then you may want to invest in a clothes rail. This combined with the S hooks will make working on your creations so much simpler.

Things To Make Your Creations Elegant And Classy

After making some simple macrame creations as a beginner now you should practice something with more effort and detail or something new and crative! Would like to add some awesome cheap rate macrame accessories that will blow your mind? Awesome beads, earring frames, hoops, stars, clips, keychain rings, artificial flowers, feathers, etc are the thing I am talking about now! There are so limitless ideas out there for you to do excellent things with your macramé skill. You can also visit our collection to find out the best macrame accessories at a very reasonable price. Simply click here

Thanks a lot for being with us at the very end of this blog, hope to see you in the next one!

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