About Me

A dreamer who is chasing her dreams!

Stardust Melbourne was founded in Melbourne Victoria, Australia, by me, Fadim Anil Cetli. You can call me Ann! All pieces are handmade by yours truly. I'm a local art creator, designer & macrame cord supplier based in Melbourne. I am also an Author. I have a lot of published short stories and now I am also working on my book. Both these jobs need a lot of imagination and I am so happy to feed them with each other.

I specialise in home decors which are individually sculpted by hand in my little studio. I am also importing my own macrame cord supplies from the best producers in the world. You can purchase these goods from my store. They are all origin of Turkey and made with best quality materials which I am also using for all my handmade macrame projects. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have. Sending lots of love and thank you so much for all your support. Welcome to Stardust Melbourne Family!