Get Started With Macrame; Macrame For Beginners

Get Started With Macrame; Macrame For Beginners


Getting started with macramé and learning to make beautiful crafts using this technique is such an amazing feeling. Are you too looking forward to mastering this skill? Then this blog is for you! Maybe you have already been in an overwhelming state as you sat down and tried to figure out how to move with the first step in this whole macrame craft learning journey. But no worries, you’ve already moved with it the moment you start reading this blog. So, in this blog, we, as experts in this field, are sharing our best ideas for you as beginners.

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What is Macrame? 

The very first question you may ask is what is macrame actually? You may have heard it somewhere or read it, but today let us explain it to you properly so that you have no questions left. This traditional technique (called Macrame) is a kind of craft that uses knots to create various decorative textiles. Macrame has regained popularity for decades, so the experts of this art are coming up with innovative ways to take it beyond the basic decorative items such as plant hangers and normal wall hangings. 

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When thinking of macrame, your mind may travel back to the bohemian decorative items of the 1970s. Actually, according to many historians, macrame began in the early 13th century while others believe that the ancient Persians and Babylonians used it in artifacts before the birth of Christ.

How many types of decorative items can be made with Macrame knots?

This technique is the art of creating awesome textiles using mixed different knots. There are some macrame basic knots used are called the square knot, larks head knot, half hitch, cow hitch knot, and double half hitch knot. You'll be amazed at just how many patterns and designs you can create with just the basic knots!

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There are many things you can make with Macrame to decorate your home, you can make functional items such as plant hangers, shelves, macrame pots, etc, and make beautiful jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, etc, or even make a big comfy hammock for you to rest in! In the past few decades, this technique has been used for a variety of different purposes. Also, you can make items such as table runners and key chains using some simple knots.

Is it hard to learn Macrame? What would be your suggestions?

Not at all, it’s very easy to learn! All you need to have is a strong desire to learn it. You will see many macrame designs that look so complicated, but once you check it properly, you will get to see only a couple of easy knots mixed together. Once you learn the easy larks head knot, double half hitches, or square knots, you will be able to make beautiful wall hanging items or plant hangers with a lot of fun!

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The beautiful macrame projects that you see online tend to use only three basic knots, which are incredibly easy to learn! Mastering these three basic knots will enable you to create anything you desire such as keychains, bags, dreamcatchers, earrings, coasters, curtains, etc.

Are you more of a video person? Then learning macrame is just a piece of cake for you. There are a lot of macrame tutorials with different projects you can find on YouTube. All the accessories you may need to get started are here on our website (Stardust Melbourne) for you. Check out now!

You must be a Creative Person to make something awesome with this Technique!

By learning a few basic knots, you can start making some sorts of shapes and patterns in macrame. Even once you master the square knot, you can easily create countless different projects such as hangings, bags, macrame plant hangers, etc. Once you already have a basic shape or design in mind, you can get the pattern figured out by planning it out on paper. In case you're not sure what you want, you can just wing it and see what happens! 

Are you still not sure about your own designs? No worries, just search google and no doubt you will find a lot of ideas to combine and make something new for your home. The best way  we would suggest you start is by picking out an easy project. Simply search for 10-minute macrame projects for beginners.

What are the basic knots you are talking about?

Despite the fact that this is not an exact number, in my opinion, there are about three very basic Macrame knots that you need to master in order to get started. Let’s get started with them now!

Lark’s Head Knot: This knot is super simple and used to attach your macrame work to a dowel or ring. Simply use it to attach new cords to your piece and you can create a good-looking fluffy fringe.

Square Knot: It is the most versatile knot in this technique and you can use it in many different patterns. The square knot will let you easily make the spiral knot and berry knot too.

Clove Hitch Knot: Also known as the double half hitch knot, it is the most difficult knot for beginners so never worry when you’re not getting this knot right away.

Why should I learn this technique? Are there any other benefits of Macrame?

  1. Kind of meditation to keep your mind calm! Macrame can be an effective way to incorporate more mindfulness into your everyday life. It is beneficial to practice mindfulness, but sometimes it can be difficult to fit in 30 minutes or even 5 minutes of meditation per day! Tying macrame pattern knots becomes one of those skills for which you don't need to think much once you've mastered the basics. Working on a section of whatever project you have on your rack while sipping your nice cup of tea is so relaxing and calming. So, overall Macrame DIY is a good hobby for bringing more peace into your life if you're looking for one.
  1. On the other hand, Macrame crafts make your mind more creative day by day by forcing you to think about new projects. I have already talked about this part at the beginning of our blog, so I am skipping it right now. In some cases, doing that sparks your creativity, which leads to another awesome design you never imagined.
  1. You can start your own business! This crafting technique is a fabulous option for this thing. Making and selling original macrame pieces on Etsy or your local craft market is one option, but you can also sell patterns online or teach others how to do it on your blog or YouTube channel. It is true that everyone is working hard to create their Macrame patterns and designs and it’s just not cool to think about jumping into the business. But yes, when you see anyone's awesome creations and you feel inspired, you can simply pick a part of the craft that you love and do your own different arrangement.

Supplies you need to start Macrame now! 

The next step is to learn what macrame supplies you will need. Let's see what you need and how to do some basic beginner knots. Just letting you know that we will make a separate detailed blog on this topic. For now, as a beginner's guide, we are describing it briefly.

No complicated tools or expensive materials are required to do macrame. For most of your projects, you may only need these things: 

  1. A Bundle Of Rope 
  2. Sharp Scissors 
  3. And Measuring Tape 

There are many types of macrame cords you can use to make macrame, including cotton, linen, hemp, jute, leather, and wool. But in my opinion, cords made from cotton twine or rope are the best for macrame. As this rope is super soft, flexible, and widely available in the market. The other thing about it is easy to tie, and won’t stretch out over use.

Some will suggest you use yarn but to be honest, as a beginner you should not use it, and wouldn’t be my first choice either. The macrame yarn cord that is normally used for knitting (or sometimes crochet) is usually too delicate and stretchy. Most knitting yarns condense so much that the knots you would make would be shorter than expected. Looking for the best macrame supplies to get started? Jump into our collection now!

See you in the next blog about Macrame supplies! 

Macrame, a bohemian decorative craft is something that anyone including you can do with a little bit of practice and patience! Macrame is one of the best ways to create exquisite and functional pieces of art and craft to decorate your sweet home with some vintage flair. Thanks a lot for staying with us at the end of the blog. Hope to see you at the next one.

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