How To Make Beautiful Macrame Feathers - Beginner-Friendly Guide

How To Make Beautiful Macrame Feathers - Beginner-Friendly Guide

Make Macrame Feathers - Step By Step Guide

A warm welcome to our new blog about making beautiful macrame feathers as a beginner. Before we get started, I would like to share that this Macrame For Beginners series is precisely what you need, as you have been desiring to make beautiful macrame decor items but haven’t known where to begin. In each blog of this series, I try to cover the basics you need to get started in this awesome craft technique and quickly become one of the best macrame artists in your town. If you have not read the initial blogs yet, please click here and get all the beginner-friendly blogs now!

Embrace the bohemian vibes of macrame in your interiors. You can decorate your home in countless ways, but a DIY macrame wall hanging is the best handmade trinket to add warmth and style in a very easy way. You are still a beginner in the art of macrame. This is why we are here with one of the easiest yet most famous macrame items to teach you and you will learn it in no time. Ah yes, the best thing about this is you can quickly pick up new patterns and integrate them into your own. So keep reading.

Why Macrame Feathers Are So Popular

Besides being very easy to make, macrame feathers can be used as a variety of modern accessories and make your wall grab all the attention. You can combine them with other macrame items or make them stand alone, in different colors and sizes, etc. This type of artwork can be so versatile and creative that there are no limits. What’s more? As an added bonus, you can use up leftover yarn from other projects to make macrame feathers

There are many macrame projects such as a macrame chandelier that require a lot of strings and trimming at the end of the project delivered a lot of odd-sized leftover cord pieces. You can save those pieces for a project like this. What I usually do with that leftover cord is to make macrame earrings, fringe, and macrame feathers.

Supplies You Need To Get Started: 

  • Good Quality Macrame Cord – Click Here 
  • Sharp Scissor – Click Here
  • Stiffening Spray - (Optional)
  • Pet Brush Or Comb - (For Combing)
  • Tape Measure – (For Sizing)
  • A Large Wooden Bead - (Optional)

Note: In order to make macrame feathers, a macrame cord is obviously an essential supply. An actual macrame cord will be required for this project, not a clothesline or other cords. Later in this project, you must unravel your cord in order to create macrame feathers because frayed edges are the key factor in macrame feathers.

Now Follow These Simple Steps: 

  • First Step: At first, take a 60 to 65cm cord and fold it in half and use masking tape to stick the folded end down, to keep it in place (this is your main middle cord to make the feather).
  • Step Two: Under the middle cord, place a folded 26cm cord with the loop to the right.
  • Third Step: Over the main cord and the first smaller cord, place another folded cord of the same length with the loop to the left.
  • Fourth Step: On the left, pull the bottom cords through the loop of the top cords, and on the right, pull the top cords through the loop of the bottom cords. 
  • Repeat: Pull tight and keep repeating it for all 10 cords. Then you have almost finished making your first macrame feather.
  • Fifth Step: Once you are finished adding all the cords, it’s now time to make a beautiful shape for the feather. Now, start brushing the cords out with a normal pet brush or a comb (in some cases, you will have to unravel some cords first).
  • The Final Step: Simply take that sharp scissor (which you may have bought from our store, if not please click here) to cut the macrame feather or leaf into a perfect shape.

You Can Follow These Extra Steps To Make Your Craft Stand Out

  • Before brushing, you may have to unravel the cords depending on their thickness. This will help you brush more easily and faster.
  • Before you brush and cut it out, you can also use a fabric stiffening spray on both sides of the feather to make it fluffy and look more gorgeous. After you have completed your feather, lay it on a covered surface and lightly spray the stiffener over it (as directed on the bottle). Once the feather is completely dry, flip it over and repeat the process.
  • There is no need to worry if you have a hard time getting the perfect cut, even seasoned professionals need time to perfect it. In order to get a sharp cut, you'll need a good pair of scissors, but once you brush it out again, you'll have to re-tidy up the cut. 
  • We also have some beautiful macrame feather frame that you can use to make your craft stand out. Please click here to buy them.

Would you like to finish your macrame feather to make it look more beautiful? You can adorn it with a wooden bead as a finishing flare.

Follow This Step To Add The Bead:

  • By using masking tape, narrow down the looped end to fit through a hole of a bead that is around 15mm in diameter. A pair of pliers can also assist in pulling the cord through in case it is difficult. Then simply drag the cord all the way through and drive the wooden bead down to the top of the feather and release the tape.

Good job! You’ve just made your first ever macrame feather! Now, there you get so many things to do with these beautiful feathers. You can either make some tiny macrame feathers into earrings, thread them onto a stick or a dowel to make a wall hanging, make one for your mobile, or just hang them up individually wherever you want. The possibilities are endless!

Hope to See You in The Next Blog

Thanks a lot for being with me at the end of this step-by-step macrame feather tutorial. You must say that this is really one of the easiest macrame projects you can make. The key to becoming good at macrame is practice, so don't be discouraged if you can't get it right from the start. Once you get started, it won't take long for you to become a pro, at that point, it will be like second nature to you and everyone will be commenting on how great your work is. See you in the next one.

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