How to Make Beginner-Friendly DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments

How to Make Beginner-Friendly DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments

Macrame Christmas Ornaments

Getting your Christmas decorations ready is important now that Christmas is just around the corner and we all know every handmade Christmas decoration piece adds a fabulous touch to our space. What we make by our own hands with love and care makes our home look more personal and completely suited to your taste. The crochet and the origami decorations are great to make our Christmas adorned with, but now it's time for the most popular craft of all - and that is DIY macrame!

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Macrame is absolutely a great option to decorate your home for any kinda theme with some bohemian flair and think it makes for stunning, minimalist decor. This season, macrame can be incorporated into your Christmas decor in a variety of ways. From wreaths to baubles, there are plenty of ways you can use them. Because the web is filled with amazing projects and patterns, we decided to put together this blog of the easiest and beginner-friendly ones. Let’s get started with some beginner-friendly macrame Christmas ornament projects.

Some Beginner-Friendly Macrame Christmas Ornaments

Before we get started, you need to know about the basics. Hope you read our initial blogs as those play a significant role in this blog too. Simply click here to know the basics about this craft. Also if you have missed our macrame supplies for beginners blog, click here to read it too as it is very important for any beginner. Now let’s start the projects!

  • Macrame Christmas Tree: Whenever we think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to our mind is a Christmas tree. Have you ever thought of making some beautiful Christmas trees with your own hands? Well, now you can make your Christmas decoration more fun with these Mainframe Christmas trees.

The supplies you may need are Macrame Cord (Click here), Scissors (Click here), Star Hooks (Click here), a Needle (Click here) Wooden Beads, and a Comb

  • Step One: Take two cords (10 Feet) and fold them both in half. Put them side by side then alter the lengths of each side (inside length 2 feet and outside lengths 8 feet for both cords). The 4 rope sides oriented from left to right will be named rope side 1, rope side 2, rope side 3, and rope side 4 for ease of explanation.
  • Step Two: Cross rope side 1 over rope sides 2 and 3 and under rope side 4 to make a square knot. Then take rope side 4 and insert it under rope sides 1, 2, and 3 coming out over rope side 1 again through the opening on the left side. Then draw both rope sides (1 and 4) tight.
  • Step Four: Repeat it just starting on the right-hand side this time. Overtaking rope sides 3 and 2, rope side 4 goes under rope side 1. Again rope side 1 will go under all other rope sides and come out going over rope side 4 again. Then draw both rope sides tight again. Make a square knot chain following this pattern.
  • Step Four: Thread a delicate yarn onto the long needle you took from our store (if not, Click here) and pull the yarn through so both sides are even.
  • Step Five: Starting from the top, form the square knot chain into a Christmas tree. In order to do this, you will fold the chain back and forth, starting small at the top and getting bigger as you move down. As you hold the shape in place, insert the embroidery needle into the center of the Christmas tree and lock it with the yarn.
  • Step Six: Tie two large knots with the yarn at the top and the bottom of the Christmas tree. Simply add the star frame you took from our store (if not, Click here) at the top of your Christmas tree. And string on a wood bead at the bottom.
  • Step Seven: Not it’s time to add some beautiful fringe at the bottom of your macrame Christmas tree. Cut about 5-10 pieces of macrame cord at 6 inches each to create the fringe. Under the bead, make sure the pieces of macrame cord are centered between the two strands of thread, then tie it into a square knot so the cords do not fall off. Comb out the cords to make perfect fringe.

Finally, you have made an awesome macrame Christmas tree which will make your Christmas decoration more special this year. Now let’s move to our next project.

  • Macrame Star:  Christmas is not complete without star ornaments. As it represents the star of Bethlehem. According to the holy Bible, which guided the three kings, or men to Jesus. This Christmas star is also considered the sacred sign of a prophecy and the glowing hope for mankind.

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There are many options for you to make a DIY macrame star for your next Christmas decoration. But we will go for an easy one this time. The supplies you may need are Macrame Cord (Click here), Scissors (Click here), Star Frame, and a Comb

  • Step One: Cut some cords as you need, keeping the length the same for each, and one long enough to cover the side of the star frame. Using the lark's head knot, tie the cords one at a time onto the frame. Then fold each piece in half, place it under the frame and thread the ends through.
  • Step Two: Tape the long cord to a flat surface near the frame's top, leaving a tail of about two to three inches. Then use it as a guide and tie the shorter cords on it using the double half hitch knot.
  • Final Step: Now, simply trim the cords and comb them out to make a fringe. This is how simple making a wall-hanging Christmas star ornament is. It looks amazing though. Using this technique, you can also make some little star ornaments too. You can use some of our supplies. Click here now!

Some More Beginner-Friendly Christmas Ornaments

We’ve just seen the whole process of making these two awesome beginner-friendly Macrame Christmas ornaments and there are a lot more. For this blog, I will just give you some ideas about some more decorative items for Christmas that you can make using macrame. Let’s have a look at them. 

Macrame Candy Canes: Candy canes are so festive! For an easy guide to completing this project, click here. (Photo credit)

Macrame Christmas Stockings: Did you ever think of making your own Christmas stockings to hide some treats for the children? This awesome macrame stocking will give a contemporary touch to your festive decor. For an easy guide to completing this project, click here. (Photo credit)

Macrame Cinnamon Stick: These macrame cinnamon ornaments will bring some pops of color to the Christmas tree and make the space smell enchanting! For an easy guide to completing this project, click here. (Photo Credit)

Macrame Gnome: Look at these cute little macrame gnomes hanging from the tree, they'll brighten up your space. For an easy guide to completing this project, click here. (Photo Credit)

Macrame Christmas Wreaths: Christmas is not fulfilled without wreaths and it also has important meaning for the holiday season. The circular shape of a wreath represents eternity. For an easy guide to completing this project, click here. (Photo Credit)

Macrame Feathers: You can decorate the upcoming holiday in countless ways, but a DIY macrame wall-hanging feather is the best handmade trinket to add warmth and style in a very easy way. For an easy guide to completing this project, you can read our blog. Click here. (Photo Credit)

Macrame Christmas Angels: Are you looking for something unique and challenging? These macrame Christmas tree hanging angel decorations are perfect for you. For an easy guide to completing this project, click here. (Photo Credit)

Macrame Christmas Baubles: You can easily transform the old baubles from your store into different macrame beauties if you know this project. For an easy guide to completing this project, click here. (Photo Credit)

To make these beautiful Christmas ornaments you need the best tools and accessories. And Stardust Melbourne is your trusted place where you can find the best for you. You may need our Shiny Macrame Cords (Click here), Macrame Hair Clip Frame (Click here), Shapes (Click Here), Acrylic Star Frame (Click here)

Stay tuned for the other blogs on Macrame. Thanks a lot for staying with me till the very end. See you at the next one soon.

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